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Re: Giraffatitin brancai Vs Brachiosaurus brancai Vs Brachiosaurus altithorax

>>A previous skull that was thought to be Camarasaurus (I think) turns out to be the only know skull material of B. altithorax.<<

Ah...cool.... that explains some things for me. And you know..... this reminds me.... I have been meaning to ask someone about obtaining papers published in Modern Geology. I went looking to see how to get my hands on papers located in the journal by Carpenter, Paul, etc..... But, I discovered a few weeks ago during a web search that it no longer exists. How can I get these freakn papers!!!??? A University would have them don't you think?

>> G. brancai has taller neural spines and the animal is more slender in general.<<

Yup...... I just looked in Carpenter's and Currie's book, Dinosaur Systematics, and saw from diagrams based on those of Riggs and Janensch from a paper by McIntosh, that the spines are indeed different..... And I'm guessing that they are different enough to warrent separate genus..... especially with one animal being more slender then the other. It's just hard for me to tell from drawings. I should have looked in the books before bothering you. Sorry.

Thanks again Tracy!