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On the Isle of Wight oviraptorosaur represented by BMNH R181, Ken 
Kinman wrote...

>      I am not questioning it just because of its size.  I am mainly
> questioning it because segnosaurians also have vertebrae with similar
> characteristics (the form of the ventral sulcus is on the list of
> proposed enigmosaur synapomorphies).  And as Stephan noted, there
> isn't much to work with, so I think there is still plenty of room for
> ambiguity and doubt.

With all due respect, you might like to actually get hold of and read the 
paper. There happen to be reasons for our conclusion that it is probably 
not a therizinosauroid/segnosaur.

Mr Pickering's argument that fragmentary or incomplete specimens are 
taxonomically worthless and may as well be ignored is most amusing: 
please do keep us abreast of your latest incisive thoughts Mr Pickering, 
they are most valuable and no doubt have a profound affect on the 
palaeontological community.

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