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Re: Russian Dinosaurs in T.O.: Longisquama

And another question. Sorry, what were these structures supposed to be used for? They seem spaced a bit far apart to me much use for gliding/parachuting. How about for display?
IMHO display either for mating or for threatening of potential predators is probably the best interpretation for the elongate appendages of Longisquama.
On the other hand parachuting might be feasible. The fluffy tail of squirrels helps when they accidentally fall from branches even if has is probably not evolved for that task.
Haubold and Buffetaut (1987) proposed that Longisquama was able to spread out the plume-like appendages at its sides forming a sort of gliding "wing" like in kueheneosaurid/coelurosauravid/ Draco. This gliding apparatus would perhaps have been uneffective, I suspect, owing to the lack of a continuous surface. Thus I prefer to stick to the display.


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