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Re: Velociraptor profiles

AFAIK, the Velociraptor specimen is perfect, but Protoceratops specimen
lacks one leg and some bones. So the famous "fighting dinosaurs" are
interpreted - by sources similar to the original finders - as:
Protoceratops was the rotting carrion when Velociraptor grabbed the
corpse and tried to cling to it during a violent sandstorm.


On Mon, 18 Mar 2002 john_conway@mac.com wrote:

> A detailed anatomical study in the case of Velociraptor is not needed to
> establish that the toe was used for predation. We have direct evidence
> in the form of the "fighting" specimen. The toe claws were slashing at
> the belly of the Protoceratops were they not? Correct me if I am wrong,
> but the toes and ankles were unbroken, weren't they? Anatomical studies
> and comparisons with modern animals must bow to direct evidence of
> behaviour.