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Re: Velociraptor profiles

On Monday, March 18, 2002, at 02:14 PM, Jerzy Dyczkowski wrote:

AFAIK, the Velociraptor specimen is perfect, but Protoceratops specimen
lacks one leg and some bones. So the famous "fighting dinosaurs" are
interpreted - by sources similar to the original finders - as:
Protoceratops was the rotting carrion when Velociraptor grabbed the
corpse and tried to cling to it during a violent sandstorm.


I didn't know there was an alternative explanation. I have to say though, based on the photos that I have, that it does look as if the Velociraptor's hand is being held in the Protoceratops' beak. How is this explained?

Couldn't the leg have been lost if the specimen was partially uncovered after the initial burial?

Actually, I've always liked the idea that the claw was a climbing aid, but I think it was useful for dispatching prey too. As for its strength, a comparison to a cassowary's hind leg and foot should prove fairly conclusive. Velociraptor was easily as strongly built as a cassowary. If a cassowary has the power to disembowel, then surely a Velociraptor did as well.