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Re: Velociraptor profiles

On Tuesday, March 19, 2002, at 11:45 AM, Jerzy Dyczkowski wrote:

So we pass to what you believe, and beliefs are part of religion with which I don't argue.


This is hardly fair. My opinion is based on my reading of the evidence, and the views expressed by those with superior knowledge to my humble self.

Palaeontology relies on a certain amount of assumption, otherwise we would never even venture to put skin on the bones, make hypothesis on metabolism, or reconstruct evolutionary relationship, it is all too uncertain. Palaeontology is surely based on the balance of probability.

I think the balance of probability weighs heavily with the "fighting" interpretation. If you believe otherwise you should provide good reasons. My belief is hardly unshakable, if you can provide a convincing argument against the "fighting" hypothesis, then I will be happy to concede defeat.