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Re: Fossil sites in New Mexico

Sorry I'm a bit late in replying to this:

<<There are some Triassic rocks located in southeast New Mexico (the
Moenkopi strata, I believe).  Triassic dinosaurs from this layer include
_Revueltosaurus_, and some footprints are known.>>

Im not so sure.  There are some Late Triassic outcrops in the Southeastern
part of the state.  If what you are refering to is the Moenkopi Formation,
that is Middle Triassic, and no dinosaur material is known from the

<<In order to learn more I would try to locate Lucas' book.  I would also
recommend many of the excellent publications produced by the New Mexico
of Natural History.>>

I agree.  For dinosaurs, there is Bulletin 17, "Dinosaurs of New Mexico",
which has many excellent articles.  Other NMMNH Bulletins have plenty of
articles on New Mexico vertebrate fossils.

Randall Irmis