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Places to dig in Montana?

Two very good friends want to participate in a dino dig.  I asked them
exactly what they wanted and they gave me the following.  If anyone can
help with advice I would really appreciate it.  Please reply off-list.
Thanks in advance.
John Bois.

"I am looking to go to Wyoming or Montana.
I want to dig for dinos, not fossilized butterflies or anything like
I want to go somewhere near June 24.
We will probably spend 2-3 full days there.
I am willing to spend around $100 a day for the dig...I am not really
worried about the price right now...I can't spend $2000, and I can't go for
a week, so most of the day trips seem to be about $100/day.
I don't know how many days we should do....1 day, 2 day, 3 day???"