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Re: Fossil sites in New Mexico

On Tue, 19 Mar 2002 11:20:27  
 R. Irmis wrote:
>Sorry I'm a bit late in replying to this:
><<There are some Triassic rocks located in southeast New Mexico (the
>Moenkopi strata, I believe).  Triassic dinosaurs from this layer include
>_Revueltosaurus_, and some footprints are known.>>
>Im not so sure.  There are some Late Triassic outcrops in the Southeastern
>part of the state.  If what you are refering to is the Moenkopi Formation,
>that is Middle Triassic, and no dinosaur material is known from the

Ah, thanks for the information.  Checking out Lucas' book, it appears as if the 
San Pedro Arroyo and Santa Rosa Formations outcrop in the southeastern part of 
the state (both of which are Carnian).  It looks as if the Moenkopi is 
predominately from the central portion of the state.  However, in the text it 
mentions that the Moenkopi outcrops in Lincoln County near Carrizozo.  I was in 
Lincoln County this summer (some really interesting Billy the Kid sites...), 
and Lincoln is most definitely in the southeastern part of the state.  

I also see that _Revueltosaurus_ is, as Randall pointed out, not from the 
Moenkopi Formation, but rather from the Bull Canyon Formation.

I see that algae, ostracods, and some amphibians are known from the Moenkopi.  
Is there much else known?  How thoroughly has the formation been studied and 


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