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Re: Velociraptor profiles and a little background

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From: "Waylon Rowley" <whte_rbt_obj@yahoo.com>
Sent: Tuesday, March 19, 2002 1:14 AM

> [...] Some course adjustment
> would be needed during the drop. So, they would be
> parachuting at angles (like paragliding). [...]
> to retain some altitude for the chase. Or if they were
> going a bit too fast they would need to slow
> themselves....so there are 2 examples of how the
> behaviour of flapping might arise.

I think these are 2 examples of how a sophisticated control of wing
positions might arise... but not flapping. To get slower by flapping, BTW,
requires (I assume) pretty sophisticated flapping and not just any sort of
waving one's wings around.

> [...] *unless* you
> flapped a couple times and added a few meters to this
> circle. Simply angling the arm and pushing away from
> the ground would give a little thrust I would think.

Wouldn't it destabilize the finely tuned parachuting path?

> We might be able to obtain more information by
> watching modern birds re-enact this scenario. I've
> seen it before many times....next time I'll pay more
> attention to exactly what they are doing.

Never seen a bird parachute. I look forward to what you'll tell us :-)