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EQ and Swedish serendipity (was: Velociraptor profiles and a litt le background)

Jaime Headden wrote:

>  I personally think that the EQ is the wrong track, but that's me.
> Larger volumes are inversely proportional to body mass along the 
> ontogenetic curve, so what use is this without establishing a relative 
> age, or even a clear, quantifiable analysis in which intelligence or 
> neuron capability can be related to brain volume?

Be that as it may, tyrannosaurids do have larger endocranial volumes than
carnosaurs (_Allosaurus_, _Carcharodontosaurus_) of similar body mass.

By the way, while on the topic of tyrannosaurids and ontogeny, Dann Pigdon
suggested some time ago that tyrannosaurid forelimbs may have shrunk during
ontogeny, and that juveniles had proportionately longer (and much more
useful) forelimbs than adults.  However, this suggestion is undermined by
Currie and Dong's recent redescription of "_Shanshanosaurus
huoyanshanensis_".  This juvenile tyrannosaurid (?_Tarbosaurus_) apparently
had arms just as puny as those of adult tyrannosaurids:

Currie P.J. and Dong Z. (2001).  New information on _Shanshanosaurus
huoyanshanensis_, a juvenile tyrannosaurid (Theropoda, Dinosauria) from the
Late Cretaceous of China.  Can. J. Earth Sci. 38: 1729-1737.

> The Swedish spent over a year down on Seymour and nearby islands at
> the turn of the century (result of an accident, they got shipwrecked) 
> and they uncovered tons of material now housed in Uppsala that has been 
> described in _Palaeontologia Polonica_ 

The Swedes must have a knack for this sort of thing.  The first remains of
_Ichthyostega_ were discovered in Greenland in the early 20th century, in
the aftermath of a failed (and tragic) Swedish polar expedition - this one
aimed at reaching the North Pole.  Again, the stuff (from the Devonian) was
taken back to the University of Uppsala.



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