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Re: Liaoceratops yanzigouensis gen. et sp. nov.

On Wed, 20 Mar 2002, Williams, Tim wrote:

> _Liaoceratops_ is regarded as a neoceratopsian by Xu et al.; however, I am
> not aware if this clade has been defined using anchor taxa.

I always thought it was Clade(_Ceratopsidae_ <-- _Psittacosaurus_), but
I'm not sure who defined it.

> Clade 2 - would this be called Ceratopsoidea?

Sadly, yes. IIRC, _Ceratopsoidea_ = Clade(_Montanoceratops_ +
_Ceratopsidae_) or some such. Having _Ceratopsomorpha_ inside this is
rather distasteful, and this was based on the now outmoded idea that
_Montanoceratops_ was close to ceratopsids. Maybe this should be revised
prior to PhyloCode.

> Clade 3 - would this be Coronosauria?

As I understand it, yes. (Clade(_Ceratopsidae_ + _Protoceratops_), right?)

> Clade 4 - would this be Ceratopsomorpha?

Also yes, as I understand it. (Clade(_Zuniceratops_ + _Ceratopsidae_))

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