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RE: Oldest Neoceratopsian

BWAH HA HA HAAAA!!  Indeed Skrepnick strikes again!. . . and the only
"chimera" I've touched recently is my Nikon 35 mm.
Thanks to DV, TW and RS for their complimentary words and to anyone else who
enjoys the image.  Regarding Tim Williams comment about speculative anatomy,
indeed that is the case to a degree.  Although the paper doesn't elaborate,
there are some scrappy postcranial elements associated with the skulls
(apparently nothing diagnostic or descriptive and hence their absence from
the text).  Xu Xing and Peter Mackovicky seem fairly confident in assigning
a basic psittacosaurid "look" to the specimens however, based on the bits
and pieces they have, and was the reason we went with with those body
proportions on the image.  It's also the reason I chose to render the adult
and juvenile slightly askew of a head on posture, in a foreshortened
configuration, as it doesn't draw as much attention to comparative length of
limbs etc. . . that can't be substantiated from the fossil material at

Mike Skrepnick