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Re:Question( Not my Fault the mesege has been posted 4 times)

I am sorry about any inconvenience I might have caused, but I guarantee that I have sent this e-mail TWICE. One was the original message, witch my e-mail service said couldn?t reach the specified destination (don?t ask me why) and somehow it did pass through. The second time I sent the same e-mail because my e-mail service said the previous one didn?t pass. I sent the second e-mail and in it I wrote an apology that the list would probably receive two, in any case the first went through (witch it did)

 But I am not aware of a third or fourth copy of the e-mail. I already have contacted my e-mail service and they said the problem was fixed. So I apologize for the inconvenience I have caused and for my IMENSE IGNORANCE, I will stop asking stupid questions. 


   Again I apologise