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Revamped Website.

Sorry for the cross posting.

To all concerned and interested:

My long-neglected website is finally being rehashed a bit with some new work and articles (more controversy... I will never disappoint on that!), many of whom will be featured in the forthcoming "Dinosaurs, A Field Guide" by Henry Gee and myself.
I have also included a new 'summary' article concerning the origin of flight and feathers, risking flogging a very dead horse... but  you know: That dead horse is in danger of becoming a 'zombie' so I relish in pinning it down once and again. 
Click on the "What's New Section". This represents a minimum of the new work I have been working on lately but something is better than nothing!

Feedback, criticism etc will (as always) be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Luis Rey

Visit my website on http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~luisrey

I neglected to include my new painting: "Voracious Protoceratops Carcass Attacks Velociraptor"... after so much nonsense in the dinolist recently I thought you'd have enough.