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Re: Brachiosaur Neck Posture Change Question

Thanks for the info. I have the Dinosaur Encyclopedia..... of course...... so I have access to that info easily enough. As for the papers you mentioned....... the reason I was asking my question on the Dinosaur Mailing List is because I don't have access to all the info.... Many of you do....... So....... logically..... I as I said..... I ask for answers on this wonderful source of information called the Dinosaur Mailing List that I can't get without spending money I don't want to spend. :-)

But anyway...... The Dinosaur Mailing List actually performed its purpose and came through in the end. I went meandering through the archives and after sorting through a myriad of posts, I found some goodies that at least helps me see a bit more about what people think was going on with sauropod necks.

Thanks anyway for the paper titles.