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RE: Ceratosaur osteoderms (was Re. P.S. Oldest Neoceratopsian)

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Subject: Re. P.S. Oldest Neoceratopsian

Rob, you're of course right in your observation. The point I was
additionally hoping to make was that you can't just assume other kinds of
ceratosaurs and relatives will "automatically" show up sporting dermal
scutes, simply on the evidence provided by one isolated specimen.<<

Actually, there are two specimens (not that'll change anything). C.
magnacornis (sic) also has the weird looking scutes (which I have no idea on
how they were distributed on the body).

>>  This does
not however (as you point out), negate the possibility that some of the
other related forms WILL show a similar morphology when discovered. I'm
saying that without further concrete, supporting evidence, at that
particular point in time, speculating on anatomical features is reduced to,
simply that. ( What I was really trying to do here is draw a loose analogy,
using ceratosaurs (maybe not the best example) to make the point about my
rationale concerning "when to feather, when not to feather" potential new
dinosaur "candidates").<<

Well, I understand your views.

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Mike Skrepnick