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The Abbeon Supply Company

       Today's post on porcelain dinosaur figurines reminded me of a webpage 
I recently stumbled across. When I was seven, I was given a large glossy 
postcard from the Abbeon Supply Company from Jamaica, New York. They made 
instruments for measuring humidity, if I remember correctly. But as a 
sideline they marketed a beautiful series of porcelain figurines of dinosaurs 
and other prehistoric animals. Many of them were based on Chas.R.Knight's 
lithographic drawings in _Life Through the Ages_. That Christmas I was given 
a wonderful box with a sticker labeled, "Dinosaurs, Handle With Care!" Inside 
was an Apatosaurus (properly named back in 1955), Allosaurus, Stegosaurus and 
Pteranodon. I've still have them many years later. What was especially great 
about Abbeon was the fact they also sold books. They had Scheele's book and 
Knight's book, several of the Fenton's books, everything you needed! One day 
I was mailed a huge postcard advertising the new Augusta/Burian book, 
_Prehistoric Animals_! It was out of reach for me, as at $12.50 it cost a 
fortune. In the photo on the card, the book was opened to the Tylosaur plate. 
Thanks to Abbeon I could never become an atheist, SOMEBODY was watching over 
me! Anyway here's a url for the site with a couple of those cards. I wonder 
if any of you older types remember this outfit. DV