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Re: Velociraptor profiles

On Friday, March 22, 2002, at 05:58 PM, Jerzy Dyczkowski wrote:

There are several ways to check if Velociraptor was fighting with live one
or grasping the dead Protoceratops. Unfortunately, all require access to
primary fossil.

- examintion of fossil surrounding - is it really likely that these
missing Protoceratops bones were destroyed? Gobi fossils are famous of
good preservation, including vertical Protoceratops trying to dig itself
out the sand.

Is it really likely that a dead Protoceratops bit the Velociraptor's hand? But -that aside - the Protoceratops you mention is missing its nose, I think. Its nose, of course, is what was showing on the surface in order for it to be discovered. What was showing on the surface of the "fighting" specimens I wonder. I know this seems obvious, but it wasn't the Protoceratops' hip region was it? Just a thought.

Even if that's not the case, not all Gobi fossils are complete (!).

- claw marks on Protoceratops skull and ribs. If Velociraptor claw was killing weapon, and Velociraptor was fighting it's claws should leave marks on bone. Less likely, if it was grasping the carcass.

Yes this would be good evidence, if we could tell claw marks from tooth marks reliably. However, this particular Protoceratops got the better of its attacker (well, sort of), and may have only suffered wounds to its throat and belly. Also, Velociraptors may have avoided kicking at areas where they might encounter bone.

- bone fracture on Velociraptor forearm, which was supposedly bitten by
Protoceratops. P was not a predator, but still should have strong jaws.

Yes, I admit P did have a strong bite, and I would like to know if the Velociraptor's arm was fractured. From my photos, however, it looks like the bite is just on the wrist joint; I could be wrong though.

- Velociraptor tooth marks commonly found on other Protoceratops fossils.

This would prove nothing, as that would only show that Velociraptor ate Protoceratops' (alive or dead), nothing else.

And this only leaves nasty question: if Velociraptors were skillfull pack
predators, why would one allow itself to be killed by about equal-sized
herbivore? All we would find were disarticulated bones with bite marks.

Hunts sometimes go wrong don't they? The Velociraptor may have been buried alive (its position is very lifelike) in the sandstorm that, 1) prevented its escape, 2) kept the skeletons intact, and 3) drove away any other pack members (if they existed). Who said Velociraptor was a pack hunter anyway? And since when are predators invincible?

I suppose that nobody will ever check it, especially as it would spoil the
nice tale to sell for the media (and other paleo-lovers).

Well, I admit that I would stamp my little feet and cry like a baby if the story turned out not to be true, but that doesn't mean I'm too emotionally involved, does it?

Sorry for returning to the dead thread, but I was busy recently and - you
should be accustomed to those which receive killing hit and then bite
back? (JP3 Spinosaur-Trex fight :))).

Zing. I wish I could think of a witty repost. And I thought I'd won!