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Re: Tarbosaurus Pics

> Ah, that doesn't look like Tarbosaurus to me. It looks like the LACM
> Tyrannosaurus

Your right Tracy! It is from the LACMNH, good eye - a very prominent and
impressive display near the gift shop. Tarbosaurus its not - of course it is
a Tyrannosaurus. as allowed by the original post. These were taken very
shortly before the museum hosted the traveling "Sue" exhibit.

>For that matter, anyone also have good close up pics of any
>tyrannosaurid manus claw?

By the way you can see the skeletal mounts of both the Tyrannosaurus and the
Triceratops at: http://prehistoricsillustrated.com
Once you get inside the site, look on the top of the page for the heading
'Dinosaurs' click on it - then click on the selected dinosaur listed on the
left side of the page.

Good Dinosaur Hunting!

Dave Friend
Prehistorics Illustrated