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RE: Protoceratops bite

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Subject: Protoceratops bite

I don't think the raptor was trying to "hide" from anything, especially with
the hand in the proto's mouth. What is interesting is that if the two were
fighting, why wasn't the raptor's hand crushed more, if not severed
completely? <<
The problem with this is we don't know 'where' in the fight this snap shot
was taken. This could be near the beginning of the fight.
>>The forearm of the predator would in no way have been a match for the
crushing power of the protoceratops.<<

>>What are the odds of them being buried so instantaneously that the manus
was "right there" in some sort of "oh look, he got me" pose. Unless the
proto had been dead moments before an event, and a storm shoved the feeding
raptor off the kill and wedged him into the present position. Kind of odd.<<
Yes, I think it would be harder for the arm to become wedged (your not the
first to ask this and won't be the last) in the mouth of an already dead
animal. The two animals are intertwined in some way. IMHO it was a during a
fight. When the two were at the AMNH I purposely visited the Museum just to
see them (and I did hook up with a list member from England then, timing was
good for both of us to see it at the same time). I took lots of photo's,
both digtal and normal camera. I spent a few short hours in the exhibit
(that was fun! And we didn't realize we where in it for two hours!). IMHO
its important to see how they got buried. The Velicraptor is lying on its
side, probably knocked down in the fight. Just because one animal has the
other's hand in its jaw doesn't mean by any means the hand would be broken.
The Protoceratops is standing up (and is a juvenile not an adult). The
prevailing theory is that for some reason a sand dune covered both up
(perhaps jarred from the fight?). The Velicraptor was completely covered but
the Protoceratops was only partially covered. The problem I have with this
is that a cascading dune would/should push both away from each other (like a
huge tidal wave?). Something was going on and unfortunately we may never
really know.
 >>The question of when the assumed "throat slashing" occured comes into
Yes it does. And the second digit is in a 'slashing' pose, very cool!  Also,
as I and others mentioned before, we don't know which one was the actual
aggressor. Just because Velicraptor is a meat eater does not mean the
Protoceratops wasn't attacking the Velicraptor or perhaps the Velicraptor
was protecting an egg nest from the Protoceratops, or could they just be
playing? Naaagh...

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