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RE: Velociraptor Profiles


I had never actually noticed this in the fighting dinosaurs, but I just have
from the second picture on the site pointed out by John Conway.

The Velociraptor really does look as if it wanted to get away from the
Protoceratops, and not as if it were attacking it: after all, I doubt that
lying down in front of an angry Protoceratops' head was a position many
predators would deliberately put themselves into...

In fact, the Velociraptor's position *really* reminds me of my cat's when
(just to play, don't start thinking I'm torturing him!) I hold on to one of
his frontpaws: lying down on the side to have all possible strength in his
kicking back legs, grabbing on with his other frontpaw to position my hand
in the "line of fire" of his backlegs, retracted head, flexed spinal column
and tail angling away from me...

I personally think that the Velociraptor was the attacker, but, bad luck I
guess, the Protoceratops managed to grab on to his arm during his (or one of
his) charge(s). I don't think that what I've pointed out (and it probably
wasn't the first time it was noticed) could be made to defend the
Protoceratops attacker, Velociraptor defender theory. I can hardly see how a
speedy predator would have allowed its hand to be grabbed if it only had to
run away.
It just makes more sense to me that the hand was grabbed while the predator
was exposing it to attack by slashing with it...
Then again, that would put the hand-biting as first event, before the kicks,
and therefore doesn't explain at all how come the hand wasn't simply
Besides, it's pure guess-work, I suppose...

Julien Divay