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Re: 45 MYA Redwoods Found Near North Pole

On Sat, 23 Mar 2002 15:32:19  
 David Marjanovic wrote:
>> A great puzzle.  But be careful.  Was it Thomas Rich who recently talked
>> about hard evidence of a permafrost in homerange of Lilyianasaura (sp?)?
>Permafrost!?! Really? Cool... :-)
>*Leaellynasaura*, named after Rich's daughter Lea Ellyn.

Yep.  I believe Tom and Patricia Rich mention this in their book "Dinosaurs of 
Darkness," but I may be mistaken.  There seems to be solid geological evidence 
for permafrost in Australia.  However, just because permafrost was present 
doesn't necessarily mean that the poles were cold throughout the Mesozoic.  
This permafrost, if indeed the evidence is accurate, may only indicate a 
periodic cooling cycle.  And, of course, ferns and other warmer weather plants 
are known from the _Cryolophosaurus_ site in Antarctica.  Based on this scanty 
evidence, there seems to be a decent possibility that polar conditions varied 
throughout the Mesozoic, depending on both the time and which pole you are 


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