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Proto/Velo Playmates

"Tracy L. Ford" <dino.hunter@cox.net> wrote:

"Just because Velociraptor is a meat eater does not mean the Protoceratops 
wasn't attacking the Velicraptor or perhaps the Velicraptor was protecting an 
egg nest from the Protoceratops, or could they just be playing? Naaagh..."

..Oh God, that brings a chilling visual to mind of Barney the dinosaur and his 
playmate suddenly found in Cretaceous sediment! Hey, I don't know the show too 
well, but isn't there a ceratopsian-like character featured as one of Barney's 
friends? Uh..Barney..isn't a..big dumb effeminate velociraptor...is he? The 
truth may be stranger than fiction...

Paul "Somebody put the damn television characters BACK in the ground" Cambridge