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Could anyone help me with my website?

Hi all!
Work has started on my website and I'm planning on doing seperate segments of the different dinosaur groups with skeletal reconstructions and life restorations. The theropod section is starting to get as complete as I want to, with some reconstructions still in thought, like Nquebasaurus and Spinosaurus. The two groups which I have the greatest problems with concerning skeletal elements are the Neoceratopsians, Stegosauria and the Ankylosauria. So to place the request and the meaning of the subject line: could some one help me with pictures (life or skeletal) with one or more of the following genera?
- Breviceratops
- Protoceratops hellenikorhinus
- Udanoceratops postcranial elements
- Turanoceratops
- Kulceratops
- Microceratops
Pictures of skeletal material from recently described or mentioned obscure Asian Stegosaurids, like Gigantospinosaurus or "Changdusaurus".
- skulls of some Shamosaurinae genera (Gobisaurus, Tsantegia, Cedarpelta)
- Stegopelta
- armour of Glyptodontopelta
- Nodocephalosaurus
I don't expect to many replies to this post, since they are pretty unknown genera, but those who do reply, thanks a lot!
Rutger Jansma