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Re: Velociraptor profiles and a little background

> <You get something like a dipper, sort of; *Archaeopteryx* is IMHO an
> example of such an animal. (Difference:  Dippers can already fly.)>
> One adjustment:  I think the people who say Archie was capable of powered
> flight have a reasonable argument.

I was explicitely unexplicit about whether only "such animals" or Archie,
too, can't fly in air. :-) Seriously, though... I can't tell whether
Archie's musculature was just enough or just not enough to fly with, but its
wing feathers (except the isolated feather... which may therefore not be
from Archie) are more symmetric than those of all investigated flying birds.
        "Already" was meant to mean (it was late at night) that the
lifestyle of dippers is secondary, their ancestors were able to fly before
they extended flight into thw water.

> My own feeling, for what it's worth:  some active, warm-blooded animals
> were flexible in hunting strategies
> developed feather precursors as a mutation and it persisted because it
> them warm.  All other behaviors were affected by having feathers; they
> adapted to feathers and feathers to the adaptations.
> Call it feathers came first.

Exactly as I wrote: you start out with a fully feathered, fully winged
coelurosaur. Such like... (should be at
http://dinosauricon.com/genera/bambiraptor.html, but I can't access that
site). (Wings -- long wing feathers, +- laterally oriented glenoids,
probably the semilunate -- evolved for brooding.)

> Because of selection, a range of behaviors is being looked at like a
> strategy.
> Trees down?  Yes.  (Though, contra Tim, I still think an ambush leap has a
> better angle from a large rock than from a tree.)

So it lived in mountaineous areas -- neat for the fossil record again? :-)

> Ground up?  Yes.
> Swimming?  Yes.
> Name it?  Yes.

"Possible" or "yes"? If "yes", you are arguing for a pretty extreme
generalist... might be improbable.

Aw. We should have had these amounts of snow in winter and not now in
mid-spring. The weather is getting crazier and crazier.