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Re: lurdusaurus help

Here's the publication by the redoubtable Philippe Taquet and our
favorite Dale Russell [to whom i forwarded your query]:

A massively-constructed iguanodont from Gadoufaoua, Lower Cretaceous of
Niger, Annales de Paléontologie, Volume 85, Issue 1, 3 January 1999,
Pages 85-96  Philippe TAQUET and Dale A. RUSSELL 

If I remember, elements were mentioned but not described in earlier
papers, referred to as an 'iguanodont trapu' only.  As far as I know
these folks have not published any reconstructions, but their discussion
fleshes out the creature as a fascinating departure from the standard
plan, more reminiscent of ground sloths [or heavyweight therizinosaurs]
than other iguanodontids.


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david van zant wrote:
> Does someone goy any pictures, skeletal reconstruction
> or papers about this iguanodontid.
> Thanks
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