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Re: Velociraptor profiles and a little background

On Sun, Mar 24, 2002 at 03:38:23PM +0100, Fam Jansma sent:
> Of course I know what otters do, they swim on their backs, cracking
> shells open with rocks. :) But you are saying that that oil secretion
> is what is helping those birds to swim, it had to have evolved. The
> current theory regarding the origin of feathers is that is was meant
> to trap body heat, since dinosaurs, at least the theropods were
> warm-blooded. It is not the current concensus feathers evolved to make
> the dinosaur swim (although it could be a speculative possibility), so
> the feature had to evolve from ordinary feathers we all see in present
> day birds. Well, kinda at least...  Just imagine this for moment: a
> poor lonesome Sinornithosaurus, let's call it "Dave" for the time
> being, is checking out a small lake and sees all these fish in it.
> He's hungry as hell and willing to eat anything, he decides to go for
> it and plunges itself in the water. Poor "Dave" drowned since his
> feathers are not equiped with the oily secretion. Almost seems like
> Mesozoic "Jackass" :)

Since not one, no, not a single one, of Dave's ancestors had ever been
rained on, of course.

If you're looking at a creature at risk of being rained on really hard,
there's selection for feather waterproofing right quick.

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