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RE: Isle of Wight "Oviraptor"

Stevie Wonder wrote:
"A cf. Oviraptorosauria for an isolated vertebra, regardless of the name
(the taxon named by von Huene is a nomen dubium/vanum [I prefer Sam Welles's
adjective]), would be appropriate. My
feelings toward von Huene -- despite the claim he made enormous
contributions to early paleobiology (his 1900-1932 writings on dinosaurs are
uneven, but, in places masterful) -- are coloured by one fact: like
Janensch, he remained silent while the slaughter transpired 1933-1945. Even
after the Holocaust, both remained silent, thereby rendering irrelevant
their "authority" to speak for paleo(bio)ontology."

Right, and all those fossils from Africa, Australia, South America, and Asia
that are sitting in the museums of Berlin, London, and Paris due to the
ravages of European imperialism are useless for paleontology too, right?
Gimme a break.

Mike D.