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Re: The origin of flight: from the water up

>FUCHSIA for short ((c) HP Mike Taylor): Flight Underwater Continued,
>Strange, In Air. :-)
Very creative acronym indeed... :)
>Their bones aren't hollow anymore. Like those of e. g. penguins and other
>strongly adapted birds.
Did those other birds had that too, those convergently evolved the same
characteristics, alks IIRC? In the paper from yesterday there was an article
about pinguins. It basicly stated that evolution is progressing rapidly even
more so than it is expected. This is based on evidence from the bones of
long dead pinguins. The results from this study said that the pinguin DNA is
perhaps changing at a rate of 5 times as fast as normal. This counters the
previously hold belief by scientist that evolution occurs more slowly in the
Arctic regions. Results from this study may affect overall DNA research
regarding the rate that mitochondriate DNA changed in others groups of
animals, making the it possible that the may have occured more recently as
what is currently believed.
>"Rather an end with horror than a horror without end"... pretty recent
>German proverb.
The person who said that must have seen JPIII...
>What do you mean?
Underwater "flying" in maniraptors