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Dinosauricon down

(Apologies for a post that isn't really about dinosaur science, but since it's
about a website on dinosaur science, I think it may be appropriate.)

Some of you may have noticed that The Dinosauricon (http://dinosauricon.com)
has been down since last Friday. If anyone has tried to e-mail me at
<tmk@dinosauricon.com> or <dinosaur@dinosauricon.com>, it has probably bounced

The site was being hosted on a machine at my old college. I've just contacted
them and apparently there was some sort of snafu and it should be back up again
today or tomorrow. However, this lengthy down period has made me rather uneasy.
I've been meaning to switch to a new hosting service, and now I am going to
start taking steps to do so.

You'll notice this e-mail is not from my Dinosauricon account. From now on
until such a time as The Dinosauricon finds a more permanent host, it will
probably be best to contact me here at <mightyodinn@yahoo.com>, or, better yet,
<keesey@bigfoot.com>, which forwards to whichever e-mail account I am using.

I don't want to take up any more list traffic, so if you have questions about
The Dinosauricon, please e-mail me at one of those addresses.

Thanks --

-- T. Mike Keesey

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