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Dinosaur Genera List update #185

Last week's issue of Nature carried an article on a new Chinese ceratopian 
from Liaoning, a small, early form with features intermediate between 
psittacosaurs and neoceratopians. The material includes a juvenile and an 
adult skull, and apparently some very fragmentary postcrania not described in 
the article. I should be getting my sub copy of the issue this week, at which 
time I'll learn a little more about the dinosaur. Meanwhile, I added as name 
#938 to the Dinosaur Genera List

Liaoceratops Xu, Makovicky, Wang, Norell & You, 2002

and to the text of the forthcoming second printing of Mesozoic Meanderings 
#3, under Asiatic dinosaurs:

Liaoceratops Xu, Makovicky, Wang, Norell & You, 2002
    L. yanzigouensis Xu, Makovicky, Wang, Norell & You, 2002

The citation is

Xu, X., Makovicky, P.J., Wang, X, Norell, M.A. & You, H., 2002. "A 
ceratopsian dinosaur from China and the early evolution of Ceratopsia," 
Nature 416: 314-317 [March 21, 2002].

I have also added a few paragraphs on dinosaur genera to the introduction to 
the List.

The Dinosaur Genera List is at URL