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Re: Croc etymology

You could check the original description, which as far as I'm aware is:

Balouet, JC and Buffetaut, E., 1987. _Mekosuchus inexpectatus_ n. g. n. sp.
Crocodilian nouveau de l'Holocene be Nouvelle Caledonie. C. R. Adac. Sc.
Paris. 304: 853-7 [though I have another citation that lists the journal as
C. R. Acad. Sci. SZr. II: Mec.-Phys., Chim., Sci. Terre, Sci. Univ. 304:
853-857 ??]

Adam Britton

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Subject: Croc etymology

> Does anyone happen to know the etymology of "meko" in the genus of
> Australian crocodile, Mekosuchus?  I found that "mekos" is greek for long
> length, but that seems unlikely considering that Mekosuchus was a small,
> short-snouted crocodile.  Unless of course, its another paleontological
> joke.
> Regards,
> Randall Irmis