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RE: Croc etymology

Thanks for the citation, I'll get ahold of the paper.  GeoRef lists the
second citation, which is more likely, since there are multiple series of
C.R. Acad. Sci.

Randall Irmis

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You could check the original description, which as far as I'm aware is:

Balouet, JC and Buffetaut, E., 1987. _Mekosuchus inexpectatus_ n. g. n. sp.
Crocodilian nouveau de l'Holocene be Nouvelle Caledonie. C. R. Adac. Sc.
Paris. 304: 853-7 [though I have another citation that lists the journal as
C. R. Acad. Sci. SZr. II: Mec.-Phys., Chim., Sci. Terre, Sci. Univ. 304:
853-857 ??]

Adam Britton

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Subject: Croc etymology

> Does anyone happen to know the etymology of "meko" in the genus of
> Australian crocodile, Mekosuchus?  I found that "mekos" is greek for long
> length, but that seems unlikely considering that Mekosuchus was a small,
> short-snouted crocodile.  Unless of course, its another paleontological
> joke.
> Regards,
> Randall Irmis