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Avimimus and cf. Avimimus

Hi all!
With the discussion going on, or at least, that was going on, regarding Avimimus and "Avimimus", could anybody help me with pictures of:
- the holotype skull (PIN 3907/1) from Kurzanov '87 (from both lateral and dorsal view)
- the referred skull (PIN 3907/3) from Kurzanov '83 (from both lateral and dorsal view)
- postcranial material from PIN 3907/1
- postcranial material from 3907/3
- material from 3907/2
- material from 3907/4
- material from 3907/5
- material from 3907/6
- material from 3907/7
- pictures of the material from HP Mickey Mortimer's SVP post about the new material of Avimimus portentosus from the Iren Debasu Formation of the Erenhot Region of Inner Mongolia
- any caudal material
Thanks in advance to all those who can help me!
Rutger Jansma