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Re: Sinornithosaurus and Revising Hou et al. ... Not so Long

> In *Archaeopteryx* (Elzanowski & Wellnhofer, 1997) the quadrate is
> monocapitate, but the condyle is offset medially from the lateral margin
> of the bone, and it is presumed to be the otic head.

On p. 86, this paper says:
"The left quadrate is dislocated from the squamosal cotyle and turned so
that its lateral margin faces forwards, thereby showing its caudal surface
which is strongly concave (Figs. 2B, 3B). The dislocated otic process covers
in part the quadratojugal process of the squamosal.
        There is no indication of the medial (prootic) head although its
presence cannot be positively ruled out as the otic process is damaged in
this area. Since the quadrate in the London specimen, as represented by
Walker (1985), also appears to be single-headed, the identification of a
bulky medial head in the fifth skeleton by computer tomography (Haubitz et
al., 1988) [of course used in Feduccia, 1996] is unlikely to be correct and
may possibly be due to a confusion with the prootic (Chatterjee, 1991).
Consequently, a depression in the prootic should not be interpreted as the
medial cotyle for the quadrate as suggested by Elzanowski and Galton

What's wrong with that?

> In oviraptorids, the
> quadrate is bicapitate, but both heads contact only the braincase,

Doesn't one contact the squamosal as usual?

> and the proximal quadrate

Is that the dorsal end?