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* Leaves taped Dinosaur Roar * Supertree Of Dinosaur Evolution * Museum Dino Herd to graze County * Egg of Double Thickness Found *

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The headlines:

**  'Leaves taped dinosaur roar'
A British inventor thinks prehistoric leaves may have recorded the roars of

**  Scientists Develop 'Supertree' Of Dinosaur Evolution
The most comprehensive picture yet of how dinosaurs evolved has been
produced by a team at Bristol University

**  Oldest Fossil of Placental Mammal Is Discovered
A mouse-sized fossil from 125 million years ago is the earliest known member
of the mammal group that includes humans

**  Carnegie Museum's dino herd to graze county in 2003
The Carnegie Museum of Natural History is planning to erect 250 to 300
fiberglass dinosaurs around the city and surrounding communities as a way to
create excitement

**  Archive: Elliot - Australia's Largest Dinosaur Skeleton
Dubbed "Elliot" (all major dinosaur finds receive a nickname) the fossilised
remains of the massive dinosaur were discovered in 1999 on a remote sheep
station near Winton in central western Queensland


**  Signed Book Returned to Jack Horner
A book store owner made a find of her own in a book written by famed fossil
hunter Jack Horner

**  First Land Animals: Giant Bugs?
Jumbo bug-like creatures may have been the first animals to venture onto
land, some 40 million years earlier than previously believed.

**  Dinosaur egg of double thickness found at Ariyalur
A dinosaur egg discovered in the Kallankuruchi mines near Ariyalur recently
is double in thickness compared to the dinosaur eggs found in Gujarat

**  Mouse-Like Fossil Suggests Mammals Have 125 Million Year Old Ancestor
The fossil, found in northeastern China, is so well-preserved it shows
traces of fur, giving researchers some of their best evidence yet on how
mammals evolved during the age of dinosaurs

**  'Spectacular' fossil taken in Burke Museum thefts
An animal fossil recently housed at Seattle's Burke Museum first existed
about 320 million years ago on the sea bottom

**  'Dinotopia' Comes Alive at Museum
Taking a break from the serious world of science, the Smithsonian's natural
history museum is opening a fun new exhibit on "Dinotopia,"

**  Field scientist says 1st primates lived in dinosaur times
Martin's theory challenges many long-held beliefs about where primitive
primates first evolved

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