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Re: Paleoart vs Fantasy (what's the problem?)

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Subject: RE: Paleoart vs Fantasy (what's the problem?)

> Putting this entire thing in prespective, since when was this kind of
> fantasy a new problem? If any lesson is to be learned from the history of
> paleontological public-relations, it can be observed that the general
> almost always fails to get the accucrate picture on the issue, no matter
> well meaning the paleo-buffs informing them can be. To be honest, most
> laymen sees paleontology without ambiguity, just taking in whatever an
> expert say wholesole,

*** That in itself is a big part of the problem.  Because most people don't
have a more detailed understanding of the subject, they are limited in terms
of what to accept and what to question and will usually accept the opinion
of the authority as fact.  They don't understand that it is often the
of discussion through opposing viewpoints that eventually establishes the
truth of the matter.

most of the time failing to listen to any opposing
> views (Prehaps the reason why Mr.Horner is precieved to be the worlds'
> "leading" Tyrannosaurid expert in any place at all). In which case it's
> the matter of the most "scientific" paleontologist/paleoartist/paleo-buff
> shaping the public view, but rather the one with the biggest mouth,
> irregardless of how valid or credible their ideas may be. The general
> is a fickle, media driven thing and the only way for anybody to really get
> an good idea of paleontology is to really go deep into such stuff.

*** So we have the option of trying to learn and getting involved in order
to help dispense good reliable information, or remain at arms length and
watch the media circus perform it's act of information contortion.

> If BBC Horizions can't even get their report on the feathered hoax
> armageddon in the right prespective, assuming one hoax disproves all the
> other valid fossil finds and the entire bird-dinosaur link, I won't really
> count on a largely superfical exibit to help shape public opinion any
> better.

*** It won't resolve world peace, but it's still fuel for the intellect.

Mike Skrepnick
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