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Re: Paleoart vs Fantasy (short-relax!)

 I keep announcing on this list and Vert Paleo that I can get their animals
right (I'm not doing this to boost my ego, I just want the animals done
right! That's it!) and nothing! Unless you work in color, I suppose.

*** Color work does seem to dominate over monochromatic, however I still
salivate when I see some of the old, pen and ink, turn of the century
technical illustrations.

For what it's worth, although I love doing black and white linework, I have
yet to license rights for or be commisioned to do a single line art piece;
the closest that I've come to that was when a newspaper needed a greyscale
image, and even that was simply a full-color piece that was switched to a
greyscale color space via Photoshop. I think that linework gives the
impression (right or wrong) of being 'clip-art' like, and buyers seem to shy
away from that look. Combine that with the fact that in many instances those
wishing to commission or license dinosaur art have a young target audience
in mind, and black and white work is usually relegated to coloring books and
clip art...color is the way to go, Tracy!

-Chris Srnka