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Re: Paleoart vs Fantasy (what's the problem?)

From: "Tracy L. Ford" <dino.hunter@cox.net>
> The thing is with the
> 'most people don't have a more etc' don't give a rat's ass about
> THEY don't care, THEY won't learn no matter what you try and tell them.
> DON'T worry about them, you can't help THEM. The others will understand
> WILL know the difference, THEY are the ones you need to concentrate on,
> will be egger to understand and be egger to ask and understand intelligent
> questions.

And especially kids. Kids are fascinated by dinosaurs. In my artistic
exhibition last year, I had no problem to explain them the difference
between my paleoart and my comic-strip. I've exposed next to my drawings
(paleoart ones) some prints of skulls photos and skeletal reconstructions,
among them a print of the photo of the marvellous cf. _Sinornithosaurus_
fossil, and they understood very well how I'm working in paleoart, why I'm
drawing feathered coelurosaurs and why there're no flowers in the landscapes
of triassic and jurassic reconstructions. And most of them asked the good

Friendly - Luc J. "Aspidel" BAILLY.