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Re: A New Hypothesis for the Origin of Flight?

Waylon Rowley wrote:

> The further they
> reached out, the more flapping would be needed to keep
> from tipping over (and hanging upside-down on the
> perch is counter-productive).

Don't be so sure. Here in Australia we have a type of cockatoo called
the Galah. They will often perch en-masse on power lines, throwing
themselves backwards to hang upside down, then flapping their wings to
right themselves again. The way they carry on, and do it for great
lengths of time, it must be fun. I swear I've seen them smile while they
do it. :)

With increasing brain size comes the increased possibility of boredom.
How about a new theory for the origin of flapping: BETTER

"Bored Early Theropods Tried Entertaining Routines"

Throwing themselves backwards on a perch and flapping feathered
forelimbs to right themselves, in a desperate attempt to overcome their
new-found boredom resulting from a steadily increasing brain size.

Anyone who takes this seriously, of course, must be suffering from a
steady DECREASE in brain mass... so look forward to a paper discussing
this theory in length by the Feduchia/Martin gang some time soon!


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