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More comments on DA (derived from Oviraptors in Paul's Dinosaurs of the Air)

Additional posts require some additional comments and clarifications of my 
new book. 

Headden makes some observations concerning my oviraptorosaur skeletal 
restorations that are pertinent at least in part. I was trying to present 
some basic images of these skeletons that show their general form at a time 
when the literature on their remains was and is still limited, and before 
some of latest papers came out. 

I was the first to give Ornitholestes its nasal horn, back in PDW. 

The revised Deinonychus skull restoration is a preliminary correction 
primarily of the nasals, but is not fully up to date and not entirely 
reliable. A complete revision based on nearly complete remains is underway.  

The Velocirpator mongoliensis skeletal restoration in DA was based on the 
fighting specimen for which measurements had not been published. I was just 
able to obtain measurements and it turns out the the lower legs and humerus 
were significantly longer than I show. The pelvis also needed some modest 
alterations. The large size of the skull is correct. 

The alvarezsaur restorations are missing the two additional finger claws and 
longer distal tail that are part of the new specimen about to be published. 
The large skull is correct. 

Astonishing how much has changed in the less than a year since I largely 
finished the book.