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RE: Paleoart vs Fantasy (what's the problem?)

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* *** That in itself is a big part of the problem.  Because most people
> have a more detailed understanding of the subject, they are limited in
> of what to accept and what to question and will usually accept the opinion
> of the authority as fact.  They don't understand that it is often the
> process
> of discussion through opposing viewpoints that eventually establishes the
> truth of the matter.<<
> Mike, Mike, your taking this way to strong, ease up.

MS***  Ooouuuuu. . . no no no noooo . . . Nothing of the sort . . .
Just to clarify, I find this conversation both entertaining and amusing,
but hardly anything worth ruffling any "dinosaur feathers" over  :o) . . .
O.K. Let's try breathing into a paper bag for a minute. . . aanndddd
continue. . .<<<
* I'm just glad to show everyone on the list I CAN be civil...Or CAN I?
HAAAHHHA HHHAAAA, HAHHHAA....At least our posts to each other are more civil
than the Jamie/Mickey one going on...No offense guys :)

The thing is with the
> 'most people don't have a more etc' don't give a rat's ass about
> THEY don't care, THEY won't learn no matter what you try and tell them.
> DON'T worry about them, you can't help THEM. The others will understand
> WILL know the difference, THEY are the ones you need to concentrate on,
> will be egger to understand and be egger to ask and understand intelligent
> questions. You can't please everyone.

MS*** True enough.  There is a component of the public who has no real
in dinosaurs and never will. No problem. There is also a percentage that
does have
interest, but for various reasons ranging from just not having access to and
/ or
learning more about paleo, to those who are just intimidated by posing any
when they feel they are in unfamiliar territory, go away with misconceptions
about the
ideas they've encountered in some of these exhibits. I'm only interested in
the benefit of clear information is available to those who are willing to
take advantage
of it.<<
* This amazes me about people. I go to a local store for copying and watch
people when the copy machine runs out of paper or jams. Do they go up to the
person behind the counter and tell them? NO!!! They go to another machine!
Me, I go tell the employee and they add or fix the machine. It's so easy to
ask a question. But in some way I think I understand why they don't...
> Has any media really listened? You'll just keep banging your head against
> the wall with them. The only way, THE ONLY WAY to get it right is to have
> (the paleontology community as a whole) make good movies, no other way
> work because the MEDIA won't listen, THEY know what THEY are doing. Just
> back and answer questions people ask and you can ALWAYS tell the ones who
> are really interested because their eyes light up when you talk to them.

MS*** Of course many in the media are uninterested or uninformed, can twist
truth into a parody of a parody in a heartbeat and prefer to live by their
own agenda.
The paleo community can no more make a palatable dinosaur movie,<<
* Not this I totally disagree with. I think the paleo community CAN make a
good movie. We have imaginations, good ideas, etc. Heck, Jim Kirkland co
authored a Star Trek Novel. You just need an understanding of movies; good
guys vs. bad guys, a conflict, the good guy nearly dies, but comes back in
some way to conquer evil, etc. I used to write Fantisy/Sci Fiction in a
'club' (as good a name as any) and we where rather good (But they were
better than I was, but still). I even started (or more correctly elaborated)
a story my brother and friend wrote (Fantisy/Sci Fiction/Sword and sorcery).
It was completely written but we all got side tracked and never really did
anything with it. But needless to say, some of the paleo community CAN write
a good story for a movie.
* I've several Ideas for a Dinosaur Movie. I know people on the list who
have worked in Hollywood on movies, I know someone who can do a story board,
Don Glut could direct it, we just need money...
*  than movie
could write a decent monograph. <<
* Yea, to much red tape in that...
* >> It's somewhat of a stalemate, except that
the public is much
more interested in watching bad movies ( I doubt that Hollywood style papers
dinosaurs would ever be a big hit ), so I'm pretty sure the movies will keep
being made.<<
* If things ever worked out and I had the money to do it, just wait, you'll
see an accurate, good, entering, exciting movie...
* >> Still, good information needs to be made available in the hopes
at some point, some of the media with clout, will assist (knowingly, or
in producing a product that serves paleo interests and is worth the price of

> This has happened to me at the Rock Shop I'm working at now (and in other
> places). You get the people who ask questions but know the 'wrong answers'
> or you get the ones who are truly interested and really listen and have
> really good feedback. I'll take that over media any day.

MS*** So, all you can do is cater to those who display real interest and
tell the
rest to have a nice day.  Over time, the goal is to talk to those who will
listen and
be patient while the public eventually "absorbs" it.<<
* They'll only absorb it if they want to, and very few do. But I do enjoy
talking to those who do. I remember a few years ago I was preparing the San
Diego Ankylosaur behind the Rock Shop and enjoyed talking to people about
what I was doing and dinosaurs in general. I even learned some things....

Tracy L. Ford
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