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Re: Paleoart vs Fantasy (what's the problem?)

> * I'm just glad to show everyone on the list I CAN be civil...Or CAN I?
> HAAAHHHA HHHAAAA, HAHHHAA....At least our posts to each other are more
> than the Jamie/Mickey one going on...No offense guys :)

MS*** I knew you had it in you.  Yeah, when those guys post, I break
out the protective goggles. . . spent 15 minutes one day scraping off
spittle from INSIDE the glass of my monitor screen :o).

> * This amazes me about people. I go to a local store for copying and watch
> people when the copy machine runs out of paper or jams. Do they go up to
> person behind the counter and tell them? NO!!! They go to another machine!
> Me, I go tell the employee and they add or fix the machine. It's so easy
> ask a question. But in some way I think I understand why they don't...

MS*** Oh, you must be referring to the time you went to the store to copy
that "dinosaur" related material, right? ( remember, the all seeing eye of
one called Kirkaldy monitors our every comment, scanning for inclusion of
keywords like di-no-saur. . .fos-sil . . . and bone. . .)

> The paleo community can no more make a palatable dinosaur movie,<<
> * Not this I totally disagree with. I think the paleo community CAN make a
> good movie. We have imaginations, good ideas, etc. Heck, Jim Kirkland co
> authored a Star Trek Novel. You just need an understanding of movies; good
> guys vs. bad guys, a conflict, the good guy nearly dies, but comes back in
> some way to conquer evil, etc. I used to write Fantisy/Sci Fiction in a
> 'club' (as good a name as any) and we where rather good (But they were
> better than I was, but still). I even started (or more correctly
> a story my brother and friend wrote (Fantisy/Sci Fiction/Sword and
> It was completely written but we all got side tracked and never really did
> anything with it. But needless to say, some of the paleo community CAN
> a good story for a movie.
> * I've several Ideas for a Dinosaur Movie. I know people on the list who
> have worked in Hollywood on movies, I know someone who can do a story
> Don Glut could direct it, we just need money...

MS*** I'm sure there are those who could come up with very interesting
and development of ideas, I was more concerned that the mechanics of filming
movie, etc... still are best left to those in the movie industry, which is
in general
beyond the scope of the paleo crowd. . . and you know what'll happen if Don
directs it and you get involved in casting.  You'll be much too distracted
in gathering
together a bevy of nubile young nymphets required as an "enhancement" to the
reptilian component, to be able to remain focused on the construction and
of the movie's lead protagonist, Tyrannospinoceratops bogartii!!

> be patient while the public eventually "absorbs" it.<<
> * They'll only absorb it if they want to, and very few do. But I do enjoy
> talking to those who do. I remember a few years ago I was preparing the
> Diego Ankylosaur behind the Rock Shop and enjoyed talking to people about
> what I was doing and dinosaurs in general. I even learned some things....

MS*** and there's the magic.  As long as you can capture the attention of a
set of innocent ears, there remains still, a shred of hope for all

(drop in heart warming music, melodic yet not overly sentimental). . .
. . .THE END. . . ( roll credits). . .

"sweet dreams"

Mike Skrepnick
> Tracy L. Ford
> P. O. Box 1171
> Poway Ca  92074