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RE: Overlooked 2001 paper on dinosaur threat displays

Stephan Pickering wrote:

> As Hurd/Enquist stress, much work is necessary among field
> dinosaurologists (I still like the adjective, because in studying a
> living dinosaur, "paleo" is not applicable)

There's always 'ornithology'.  Birds are the only living dinosaurs I know of
(apart from that mysterious sauropod occasionally sighted in the swamps of

> Thus, there is a complex array of "game" theoretic interactions between 
> dinosaurs: the signals may be misinterpreted, causing one dinosaur to 
> (using a colloquial alliteration) to "up the ante". 

My high school English teacher would put a red circle around 'alliteration'
and write 'wrong word' in big red letters in the margin.  Some silly
sentences sound superficially superior.