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Re: More comments on DA (derived from Oviraptors in Paul's Dinosaurs of the Air)

    At the rate that the changes are taking place, a second edition of DA may be required.
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Subject: More comments on DA (derived from Oviraptors in Paul's Dinosaurs of the Air)

> Additional posts require some additional comments and clarifications of my
> new book.
> Headden makes some observations concerning my oviraptorosaur skeletal
> restorations that are pertinent at least in part. I was trying to present
> some basic images of these skeletons that show their general form at a time
> when the literature on their remains was and is still limited, and before
> some of latest papers came out.
> I was the first to give Ornitholestes its nasal horn, back in PDW.
> The revised Deinonychus skull restoration is a preliminary correction
> primarily of the nasals, but is not fully up to date and not entirely
> reliable. A complete revision based on nearly complete remains is underway. 
> The Velocirpator mongoliensis skeletal restoration in DA was based on the
> fighting specimen for which measurements had not been published. I was just
> able to obtain measurements and it turns out the the lower legs and humerus
> were significantly longer than I show. The pelvis also needed some modest
> alterations. The large size of the skull is correct.
> The alvarezsaur restorations are missing the two additional finger claws and
> longer distal tail that are part of the new specimen about to be published.
> The large skull is correct.
> Astonishing how much has changed in the less than a year since I largely
> finished the book.
> GP
"Dinosaurs were not boring, and one can only make them so via ignorance"
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