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Re: birds/dino-birds with teeth

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From: "Waylon Rowley" <whte_rbt_obj@yahoo.com>
Sent: Friday, May 03, 2002 4:51 AM

> so I don't see why a beak
> wouldn't evolve to likewise shield the highly
> sensitive noses of dinos.

Interesting idea, but wouldn't explain the loss of teeth (of course I don't
have an idea what would...). -- While I am at bird heads, the January 2002
issue of Spektrum der Wissenschaft (German version of Scientific American)
shortly mentioned the discovery of *Sapeornis* ("2nd oldest bird of the
world"... <sigh>) and added a restoration (well, a kingfisher with teeth and
some awkward fingers, again <sigh>). In the April issue they published a
letter by Zhou Zhonghe who wrote that the restoration is incorrect, there
now is a second specimen of *Sapeornis* that preserves a head which is not
as long as shown. One more paper to wait for :-)