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Re: Irritator image for review

I used the snout of Angaturama. I don't know much about the specimen, but from what I've heard in various descriptions of the snout, it seems to have to have an unusual ridge at the tip. I also believe Irritator and Angaturama to be one and the same species (individual??). I also realized that some features in my reconstruction may still be slightly exaggerated such as the crest, even though it has been reduced to the normal spinosaurid crest.
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> So this is what Irritator looks like, now?  I had lost track of this
> genus back when plastic surgery was still hot (It's so pretty by itself,
> it should realize that artificial enhansements only make it look
> trashy).
> Seems like a pretty standard spinosaur now, except for that oddly square
> nose.  Is that a nasal crest or is the snout actually square in
> cross-section?
> Dan

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