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RE: Earliest North American Tyrannosaurids

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Subject: Earliest North American Tyrannosaurids

I was curious, which of the Tyrannosaurid species actually have the honour
of being the first to be North American? And this was the time before they
were the apex predator, so who was the top predator back then? Any
facts/speculations that can give me a better idea on this rather murky
aspect of Tyrannosaurid history? Most people are rather sure of the era of
Tyrannosaurus rex dominace supreme, but they all had to start somewhere,
whatever happened up in the north Americas to the other large theropod
designs that were once common fare?

Dan Chure and I did a poster at last years SVP about Morrison Tyrannosaurids
(based on teeth and Stokesaurus, and one tooth that Bakker referred to
Dromaeosauridae but it's a Tyrannosauroid) and premaxillary tooth from
Guimorta Portugal (I want to get the paper published but need to figure out
where to have it done). Tom Holtz (maybe et al, I haven't added last years
papers to my data base yet, but have been able to start) has also mentioned
this (possibly Thomas Carr also). These were small, possibly small
coelurosaur sized animals. Allosaurus was the top predator at the time.

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