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Re: Ichthyornis ancestors(was Re: birds/dino-birds with teeth

I checked "The Age of Dinosaurs in Russia and Mongolia," and found the reference. They say "small and possibly volant hesperoriniforms have been collected from the Santonian-Campanian beds of Kasakhstan and from the Maastrichtian beds of Mongolia. This is supported by data from North America concerning the existence of previously unknown small representatives of hesperornithiforms in the interior basin of North America at the end of the Cretaceous" (pp. 555-556, with supporting data on pp. 545--548).

The inferences are based on very fragmentary remains, but L. A. Nesov reported finding some in North American museums which had not been identified in a 1992 paper. -- Jeff Hecht

At 7:18 PM +0200 5/4/02, Fam Jansma wrote:
In a somewhat older post from HP Mickey Mortimer about the Mesozoic birds in
Russia and Mongolia (based on the excellent book "The Age of Dinosaurs in
Russia and Mongolia), he said something about a volant Hesperorn based on
the internal large holes of the metatarsus. Better check the archives, it is
in there.
Not that the animal is known from a great deal of material...after all, we
are here speaking about _Russian_ and _Mongolian_ bird fossils. ;)

Rutger Jansma